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Your chance to win the

OrthoGraph Ultimate Package.

The OrthoGraph Ultimate Package consists of an iPad (2017) with 32GB of storage, a Leica DISTO D2 and 1 year plan of OrthoGraph I. And you can win all of these.

What do you have to do to win? Send us your best floor plan created with OrthoGraph I. It can be a screenshot, and also a photo of you working with it, if you insist.

Keep in mind, we might share the pictures on all our social media - So if the project is confidential and we can’t share it, please create a new one to enter the contest.

The sent screenshot should be both 2D and 3D and tell us how you use OrthoGraph I in your daily workflow or how you use it, the profession you work in and your name.

If you submit your screenshot or photo, you agree, that we can use your images in part or in total and use it for commercial purposes.

The winner will be selected by our team, so make sure to send the best floor plan and image you can make. The deadline is on 21 December and the winner will also be announced on the same day.

Send all the screenshots and photos to and that is all.
We’re looking forward to all the submissions!

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