OrthoGraph I
The new dimension of building survey

The most versatile technology for building survey

Forget the clumsy hand drawn sketches and outdated, unreliable floor plans: turn your tablet or smartphone into a powerful working tool with OrthoGraph I.

Conduct a complete building survey with the most versatile technology: by using OrthoGraph I and your iOS or Android mobile device, you can map out and measure buildings and architectural spaces quickly and accurately. Export your work result in different file formats - PDF, .XLSX, IFC, DXF - just with a click, make a 3D walkthrough and use all further benefits of the BIM concept.

It does not matter if you work on small rooms as a carpenter or large office buildings as a member of a building surveyor team, OrthoGraph performs well in both situations.  

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Use all core functionalities for FREE on your iOS or Android mobile device

Use all drawing and measurement functionalities for FREE on your iOS or Android mobile device

Main features of OrthoGraph


Sketch & Tap

Draw the shape of the room on the screen. OrthoGraph I creates walls automatically from your lines. Merge rooms easily together, simply move them besides each other and they will snap to their proper position.


Measure as you go

Measure everything as you go: walls, diagonals, openings, ceiling height, or even objects, by snapping measurements directly into your drawing, via Bluetooth® from your compatible Leica or Bosch laser distance meter. You won't need another colleague to help with the survey anymore, so you can move faster.

Click here to see the compatible LDMs

Reports, calculations

Use photos, annotations and custom parameters – the program allows you to document every detail of the building you work on. Get calculations on surface values, volume, and perimeter on site. Email a complete building document from the scene to your desktop, to your clients or colleagues.

CAD and BIM compatibility

By using OrthoGraph I, you build BIM models, which can be exported into the main large scale desktop file formats - IFC, DXF - with just a simple touch, it can be emailed to your desktop or even to your clients. Save yourself from the long hours of manually loading your survey results into your CAD software - as OrthoGraph I is compatible with most CAD platforms, tedious redrawing is history.

3D walkthrough

3D walkthrough is a great function to show your projects to your clients in a realistic form. Furthermore, it helps you to check all details in your floor plan, so you can see immediately, if you missed something.


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