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The most advanced AEC BIM CAD app

OrthoGraph Floor Plan Survey System

OrthoGraph is the most advanced floor plan survey software to those, who need to map out and measure buildings and architectural spaces quickly and accurately.

The tablet module utilizes all the benefits of the multi-touch screen that is large enough to work with while supports the BIM concept in all details. The strong hardware of your tablet always supports onsite work.

Let you work on small rooms as a carpenter or large office buildings as a member of building surveyor teams, OrthoGraph performs well in both situations. Find here which OrthoGraph version is the best to your needs.

OrthoGraph Cloud gives you further online benefits like file backup and versioning, file sharing and the unrivalled automated teamwork functionality. Click here and spend less time on making professional floor plans with OrthoGraph Cloud.


Main features of OrthoGraph

cad app running on ipad

Sketch & Tap

Forget clumsy hand drawn sketches and unreliable, outdated sketches. Use your tablet and sketch the floor plan just the way you would do with pencil and paper. OrthoGraph understands the movements and creates a floor plan from it. Add new rooms simply by drawing the new walls. Create your multi-story document assisted with your tablet.

Leica Disto laser distance meter


Measure anything: walls, diagonals, objects, windows and doors. Connect a compatible laser distance meter to OrthoGraph in order to speed up your process - as all measured data shows up directly on your tablet screen, you won't need another colleague to help with survey anymore, so you can move faster.

Architectural planning on iPad

Reports, calculations

Get every calculation immediately on-site.. Get estimations on surface areas, gross or net areas, perimeters, etc. Add 3D renders or get the PDF room book directly on site.

BIM models

OrthoGraph handles several BIM properties, such as complex hierarchical location structures, openings with opening directions and unlimited number of properties, walls with attributes, more than 100 intelligent objects. All this complex BIM data can be exported into IFC and DXF files.

CAD Compatibility

Export all your BIM data by a touch into one of the professional output file formats like IFC, DXF and use them further in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or in Solibri Model viewer.


More about CAD export

Cloud Storage

Use the OrthoGraph Cloud and the offline features will be expanded with the storing and backup of unlimited number of projects with versioning, file sharing between team members, and collaboration through a common storage space allowing teamwork.

More about OrthoGraph Cloud

Take the leading professional building survey app for a test drive today!

Are you looking for a building survey software, but don’t know which program to choose? From now on, you can access a 3 day trial to try OrthoGraph’s full functionality.

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