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We know that the building and environment survey is a very sensitive activity because professionals have to pay attention for many details meanwhile they need to finish as fast as possible. The resulting survey should contain as many details as its further use requires, let them be involved in construction, design or management of the facilities.

OrthoGraph building survey app lets the building surveyor decide the level of details and accuracy. First sketching the floorplan on the iPad screen and the lines will be converted immediately into 3D walls.

The measurement of walls and diagonals will update the floorplan instantly keeping the drawn angles unchanged as long as possible.

In some cases (e.g. for interior designers, carpenters, tilers) when the exact angles (not perpendiculars or multiplications of 15 degrees) are essential, the measurement of further walls and diagonals will result an accurate drawing. OrthoGraph doesn't let you forget any measurement because it highlights those corners that are not measured enough yet.

Minimise all risks by using the leading building survey app and follow the entire life-cycle of a facilities.


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Sketch floorplans on iPad

OrthoGraph is the most advanced building survey app running on the iPad. It utilizes all benefits of the large, multi-touch screen of the iPad. Sketch the floorplan like you would do with pen and paper and the software recognizes the movements. OrthoGraph creates linear walls from your sketches and recognizes the drawn angles as the multiplication of 15 degrees. When done, then you can add or remove corners, bend walls, update angles, measure walls and diagonals to update the floorplan to represent the reality.

After finishing the first room, comes the second great help: sketch only the missing walls of the second room and then tap inside it. OrthoGraph will automatically close and stitch the room to the existing ones. It is so simple that it makes the work a real fun.

The result of your work can be exported and used further into a compatible architectural CAD software, like ArchiCAD or AutoCAD.

cad app running on ipad

How is OrthoGraph different from other building survey apps?

It doesn’t matter that you’re dealing with a larger or smaller project, with new or rundown properties, it’s sure that you have to make a precise and accurate survey. It has to include defects, repair and maintenance information about the building

The using of OrthoGraph floorplan creator app ensures both short and long-term benefits.


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