Upgrade to
OrthoGraph I

running on iOS and Android mobile devices

OrthoGraph I, the multiplatform version of our professional building survey app has arrived.

Meet an ergonomic user interface, which makes a complete building survey available on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, too. Use our redeveloped measurement technology to make your work faster, than ever.

It is important to us that long time users are not left behind on the new and exciting features. That’s why, if you have purchased the OrthoGraph Floor Plan 3D full license after 9 June 2015, or you are holding a valid Cloud subscription, you are eligible to upgrade to OrthoGraph I for free and carry your projects over to OrthoGraph I.

What will happen with the current OrthoGraph versions?

The current OrthoGraph versions will stay in the AppStore for a while, but they won't be developed further.

How can you update to OrthoGraph I?

If you have existing OrthoGraph Floor Plan 3D (full) license, or valid OrthoGraph Cloud subscription, you are entitled to use OrthoGraph I, according to your choice.

How can you update to OrthoGraph I if you've bought your app on the AppStore?

If you bought the app on the AppStore, you have to verify your purchase. It can be done through iTunes, in the Account settings. The steps are the following:

1. Make sure your PC or Mac has iTunes installed

2. Log in to your iTunes account

3. Click on Account, and in the dropdown menu click on View my account – this will ask you to sign in, again.

4. When on the upcoming Account Information site, go to Purchase History, and click See all.

5. Now you can browse all the applications you have purchased. Navigate until you find the OrthoGraph product you have purchased.

6. Once found, click on the gray arrow icon which stands before the OrthoGraph app’s name

7. This brings up a page which will hold the date, invoice and purchase number.

8. Email these three to info@orthograph.net and we’ll get you an OrthoGraph I. access.

Watch the process on video, too

How can you update to OrthoGraph I if you've bought your app on our Cloud page or from our reseller partner?

If you bought your app from the Cloud or from our reseller partner, first you have to download OrthoGraph I from the AppStore or Google Play. Then, send an email to info@orthograph.net to confirm your interest in upgrading to this version. We will then give you access to the full functionality OrthoGraph I.


Update to OrthoGraph I to use the most versatile technology during your work!

Get the app

You have the OrthoGraph Architect edition of the software or Tape Measure license?

You are in for a treat! If you bought the app before June 9, 2015, follow the steps described above, send us your purchase details, and we’ll get you a discount on the new OrthoGraph I edition.

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