Choose OrthoGraph

for Android BETA
to make your building survey faster

A new "easy to understand" software with the professional features what you can expect from OrthoGraph.

This new edition is going to be the one and common version running on all mobile platforms, therefore we did the development from scratch and used all our experience that we learned from our users during the last years.

OrthoGraph on Android is currently in public BETA phase, but you can already try out it's features. Click here to create a free trial account to try OrthoGraph for Android free. Make complete floor plans in the most professional way!

Currently OrthoGraph Cloud Pro license works also with Android BETA

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(eligible also for Android BETA)

Cloud Pro for Android BETA feature list

Core functionality - survey
Sketch rooms individually
Sketch&Tap - full floor plans simply
Measuring - walls, openings, diagonals
Element properties with camera, GPS
Leica support
Handling objects
Label function
On-site surface/area/perimeter reports
Email integration
Full 3D function
Unlimited number of projects
Number of rooms per projects limited to Unlimited
Location structure&multi-storey buildings
Wall thickness can be set to Any
Customizable BIM properties
Premium support/on-line training
Cloud functionality
No. Of projects stored on the server Soon...
Store attached images with the graphical elements Soon...
Share projects with others Soon...
Hierarchial folder structure Soon...
Export functionality - use the result
JPG/PNG exports
DXF export
IFC export
ArchiCAD support Use IFC

Experience the building survey from a unique new aspect! Join the family of OrthoGraph users.

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