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OrthoGraph I floor plan

When a building survey is done with OrthoGraph I, then the most important question is always where and how it can be further used. This page lists all the CAD integration possibilities, that are available for OrthoGraph I application.

The easiest way is to get the OrthoGraph I survey results into your CAD desktop is to freely export your files into one of the professional output file formats such as IFC and DXF . Then you can use these files further in several CAD and BIM software platforms. JPG, PNG, PDF and XLSX is also available for other workflow possibilities.

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OrthoGraph I native IFC output format

OrthoGraph I’s native export CAD format is IFC (Industry Fundation Classes).

OrthoGraph I projects can be saved into IFC 2×3 format directly from the tablet. Based on established, international standards for common objects in the building industry, the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format provides an interoperability solution between different software applications. Using IFC reduces the loss of information when files are transmitted.

OrthoGraph I’s IFC format contains the logical structure of the building with all properties, all walls, windows and doors in a 3D model also including their measured properties, and the objects will also be included in a soon release (objects will have only 3D box representations in their proper position and with their properties transferred).

For further info on how to import OrthoGraph IFC files into CAD software products and how to process the data, consult our Knowledgebase.

IFC files created with OrthoGraph I can be imported into most CAD systems. Some important links describing the opportunities are listed here:

Import IFC to Vectorworks

Import IFC to RDF viewer

Import IFC to Solibri Model viewer

Import IFC to BricsCAD

OrthoGraph I native DXF output format

OrthoGraph I creates DXF files directly from the tablet. The DXF files can then be sent via e-mail or uploaded to Dropbox or Box for further CAD use. These 2D floor plans contain all walls, doors, windows and objects, and also the measures are exported. Each room and the measures can be exported to separate layers that simplifies the planning in AutoCAD or any other CAD system that reads DXF format.

For further info on how to import OrthoGraph DXF files into CAD software products and how to process the data, consult our Knowledgebase.

Import DXF to AutoCAD

Import DXF to 2020 Design

Import DXF to Vectorworks

Import DXF to DGW

DXF import to BricsCAD

DXF import to Spirit

Save yourself from all the trouble and manual post processing, your work results are exported by a touch into different formats that are compatible with most CAD software. If you use OrthoGraph I, you won't find missing data and inaccuracies when you are already back to your office and try to redraw your work into your desktop. From now on, mistakes won't force you to go back to the survey site, wasting time and money.

For further info on how to import OrthoGraph files into CAD software products and how to process the data, consult our Knowledgebase.

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