First steps of OrthoGraph

OrthoGraph is not only to provide a high quality software running on iPads but also to help its customers to use the program in the most preferential way.

To achieve this, we have created this page where you can find every information which is needed to know to use the software in a professional way. You can find training videos, PDF user manual, training request opportunity, and more useful links, as well.

First, let’s see OrthoGraph’s training video

To reach OrthoGraph Training Channel, click on the picture


According to our users’ requirements, we have made a detailed manual in PDF format with explanations and pictures. It will surely make the learning process of OrthoGraph shorter, as the users can find the needed information for the professional use of the software in one printable document.

 You can download PDF user manual here

Property survey app

You can ask an online training, as well, which is conducted live online, aims at teaching the clients every important step, which will give them the opportunity to fully use the extended features of the application during their work.


On the training all benefits of the iPad App and OrthoGraph Cloud Services will be shown – the advantages of Sketch&Tap feature, the way of measuring distances and diagonals, room hierarchy, on-site-reports, multi-story buildings, creating curved walls, furnishing rooms, creating 3D view, Excel export and many more.

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