Certified Surveyor Partner Program

OrthoGraph Certified Surveyor Partner Program

OrthoGraph’s Real Estate Survey technology builds not only on software components, but also on the associated survey methodology. Companies that have the ability to quickly provide accurate floor plan services can join the OrthoGraph Certified Survey Program.

Under the program, they not only receive OrthoGraph licenses, but also receive our professional training to learn how to use the software components efficiently, the different survey methods and their optimal selection, learn techniques to minimize measurement errors and workflow acceleration. All of this results in one of the most accurate BIM models and floor plans available on the market, with extra speed.

Recycling BIM models throughout the lifetime of buildings

The completed building models can be delivered not only in industry standard formats (eg DXF, IFC, PDF or Excel), but also in the OrthoGraph system itself. This has the advantage that the documentation of the building not only gives a one-time value, but can always be kept up-to-date throughout the entire life cycle of operation. For minor changes, eg. for asset movements, moving, walling or installing a door, models can be kept up to date by colleagues working in real estate management.

If major rebuilds are made on the building, the OrthoGraph system will also provide a simple way to follow it. Certified partners will be able to apply the relevant methodologies, so they can quickly track changes.

Being a certified partner at OrthoGraph not only provides fast and accurate real estate survey knowledge, but also a provider of services to property owners and building contractors using OrthoGraph building models who can provide proven high quality survey services with fast throughput, the most usable OrthoGraph format.

The qualification process

Qualified OrthoGraph assessment partners, after learning about the product and acquiring the survey methodology, demonstrate in an exam that they have managed to obtain the information. During the exam, you will need to assess a test survey – a sample building – that will be analyzed step by step by the OrthoGraph’s expert colleagues if necessary, to deepen the knowledge in the framework of repeated training, to correct any mistakes made, and to certify successful results in the case of a successful exam.

This certification process ensures that certified OrthoGraph assessment partners have sufficient knowledge of the exact projects.

Collaboration with partners, services

The introduction and deployment of OrthoGraph systems require the availability of up-to-date data. For this, our company provides the survey needs with the involvement of our certified partners. In addition, the OrthoGraph Certified Partners list is updated continuously on our website.

Up-to-date knowledge is the guarantee for the most up-to-date processes and the best data quality available

We at OrthoGraph think that continuous education is important for our partners to be able to contribute to real estate survey projects by acquiring the most up-to-date tools and knowledge. To do this, we provide continuous access to our OrthoGraph Enterprise Tutorials and provide recurrent training to learn new features.

Product support, even on site

We provide product support in several ways to our partners in the Qualified OrthoGraph Partner Program. On the one hand, we are available by telephone and e-mail, and on the other hand we are also available on-line (eg Skypeon) from the survey site during the projects.

On request, our limited number of expert colleagues may be available on site for more difficult or critical projects. This service is available for an additional fee.

Elements of the OrthoGraph Certified Survey Partner Program

To be an OrthoGraph Certified Partner, it is necessary to obtain the assessment software and hardware components:

  • OrthoGraph Enterprise Software Subscription
  • Laser distance meter device
  • Optional Leica BLK360 laser scanner hardware and related software

After purchasing the tools, the colleagues participating in the program will participate in the dedicated training that is part of the program. After that, all colleagues take part in one exam, where they have to carry out a sample survey project – we provide the necessary data. The sample is handed over to our expert colleagues who evaluate it and provide repeat training if necessary.

Following a successful exam, we will issue a registered certificate that certifies our partners not only that they attended the course, but also that they were successful at the exam, i.e. they are able to use the OrthoGraph technology efficiently and thus make very accurate floor plans for the fast survey of properties.

Our certified partners will also be posted on the OrthoGraph website and partner database. In addition to the independent projects, this project also provides them with additional project opportunities through us.

All services listed here are part of the membership fee of the OrthoGraph Certified Surveyor Partner Program.

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