Use Case
Using OrthoGraph for Facility Management

Save valuable time and money by relying on valid, accurate data. Stay in control by accessing it right on-site!

Accurate model

As-built drawings or BIM models are rarely available even for modern buildings. If they are, then the built property typically differs from the original plans, many times up to 10% of inaccuracy can be found. This might not be rented but maintained, heated etc., generating loss. During 30-50 years of typical operation period this might cause a significant loss comparable to the total construction cost of the property.

Following changes, renovations

It is a typical problem that even if there is an as-built model for a building created once, to maintaining it, following all changes, renovations in it costs much time and labor. As a result after a period of time the BIM model becomes outdated, invalid and inaccurate.

By using OrthoGraph not just a valid and accurate BIM building model can be created once – containing additional CAFM related information –, but also maintaining that model right on-site is easy and fast.

Look behind the plaster

Record the as-built structure before its coverage using Leica BLK360. Its native app is developed by OrthoGraph so the integration is 100% assured. Take measures, notes, add annotations with photos and sound notes right at the time of survey or later anytime when it is required. These information will highly accelerate your work as integrated part of your workflow, maintenance and element lookup.

Staying in control

As part of the maintenance workflow it is required to search and look up particular devices, maintenance points right on-site. Sometimes the task is the opposite, there is a device standing in front of the maintenance person, but is hard to identify and communicate with the CAFM/CMMS system which one of the plenty maintenance points is that particular device.

OrthoGraph can display the 3D BIM model right on-site and also open up external apps or web based solutions – like CAFM or a CMMS maintenance history – dedicated to the particular element.

This same up-to-date 3D BIM model is also accessible in a simple web browser for other colleagues with the same connectivity possibilities to external systems.

Reusing the measured data, API

OrthoGraph as a platform contains its web server functionality, OrthoGraph Cloud that stores all uploaded projects including their history. This web server is accessible for external systems through its API which means every measured data, calculated property, surfaces, perimeters and inventories are accessible almost real-time for further data processing. In some situations data modifications are also made possible by the external system allowing OrthoGraph to display them on-site for all colleagues.

Working offline and mobile data sync

In many real-life situations there is no internet connection on-site. OrthoGraph works without internet connectivity. The measured data is kept in sync with OrthoGraph Cloud server only on user request allowing a strict control on mobile data usage.


Everything is much faster when done in teams. OrthoGraph has a unique teamwork functionality that lets surveyors measure different parts of the same building at the same time and then automatically merges their work together. This happens seamlessly – when clicking the OrthoGraph Cloud sync button the floor plan is automatically updated with all changes made by the particular surveyor and any other colleagues.