Use Case
Construction documentation

Follow and document what is being built, communicate with colleagues and stay in control.

Staying in control

During the construction of a building it is normal to have minor or sometimes major changes compared to the original plans. To follow what is really built, to instantly check surfaces, perimeters use OrthoGraph to draw the as built floor plans. Using simple Bluetooth laser distance meters, a smartphone or tablet in a rugged case makes the drawing and measurement of even difficult or large spaces really easy. The floor plan, a BIM model – even with attached photos –, calculated surfaces and other values are instantly available right on site. This is not just good for documentation but also for making the settlements accurate

Record every phase, create detailed building documentation

The Leica BLK360 imaging scanner is a great tool to record every phase of your building during construction. You can add annotations, photos, sound notes and measure distances, surfaces during construction or anytime later when required.

This not just helps in your calculations during the construction but this documentation lets you find joints and anything behind the ceiling, plaster or other covering surfaces when they need to be maintained. The Leica BLK360 app is 100% compatible with OrthoGraph so any floor plan you create with that can be further processed and be a part of the building’s BIM model using these technologies and all this available on an iPad.

Every detail counts

There are situations when floor plans are just not enough. Sometimes measurable 3D point clouds can only document the desired locations, statues, facades or building parts. Use the BLK360 imaging scanner together with its native Leica BLK360 app to create accurate and colorized point clouds and measurable projects. These documentations can be accessed and used anytime using an iPad even on-site.


When the as-built model is measured on-site, it becomes valuable to the designers and planners in the office. Using OrthoGraph Cloud it is only a simple tap to send over all surveyed data to the office instantly. This data holds the accurate floor plan, all additional information, registered properties or even photos attached to any graphical element.

Using OrthoGraph’s DXF or IFC exports the drawn floor plan or 3D BIM model is accessible by professional CAD software like Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD. If only an overview is required or the stored properties or attached photos are just required, then OrthoGraph Cloud’s 3D web viewer can give an access using a simple web browser. Direct links to selected elements can be generated right on-site or in the web browser that will automatically look up the same element of the other colleague, let it be the mobile OrthoGraph app or a desktop computer running a web browser.

You can use your standard e-mail client or phone/chatting app to communicate while you see the live, freshly submitted floor plans and attached documentations.


OrthoGraph Cloud is accessible by external systems via its API. This means all graphical and alphanumeric data, all elements are accessible almost real-time that is measured on-site, also including the calculated surfaces and perimeters.

Working offline and mobile data sync

In many real-life situations there is no internet connection on-site. OrthoGraph works without internet connectivity. The measured data is kept in sync with OrthoGraph Cloud server only on user request allowing a strict control on mobile data usage.