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A proven technology to replace traditional drawing methods

Are you looking for a solution, which makes your building survey work faster? Are you thinking about replacing pencil and paper but you still have questions? Then take part in our next webinar!

Forget clumsy hand drawn sketches and outdated, unreliable floor plans: turn your tablet or smartphone into a powerful working tool with OrthoGraph I.

Draw your plans just the way you would do with pencil and paper, OrthoGraph I recognizes your movements and creates walls from them. Set walls with simple touches, measure them as you go - OrthoGraph doesn't let you forget any measurement!

Forget missing data, inaccuracies and complicated export processes. Handle several BIM (Building Information Modeling) properties, such as complex hierarchical location structures, doors and windows with opening directions and unlimited number of properties and export your work result in different file formats (PDF, .XLSX, IFC, DXF).

Our professional guest: Paul Jordan - U.S. Tech Support Wizard

During the webinar Paul will talk about how he switched from pen and paper to digital sketching, and how he learnt a new method from sketch. He’ll discuss the learning curve and the hardware he is using.

Paul has spent 20 years in the Air Force as an engineering technician, where he started doing manual drafting and learned to use AutoCAD. After he was retired from the Air Force, he worked different jobs all centered around AutoCAD and other Autodesk software. He was a BIM Coordinator on Fab 42 in Chandler Arizona, where $5 billion construction project was handled.

For the past 2-3 years he has been running his own home based business providing drafting services for different contractors as well as many home owners.Paul knew there had to be a program out there that would work with a laser distance meter and his Android tablet as they both have Bluetooth capabilities.  It was his goal to find one that did what he needed it to do.

Then, one day, he discovered OrthoGraph and seeing how professional and easy it was to use, he put down his pencil and paper and started finding out more of what this program could do for his business.  He can now go to a jobsite, take the measurements and draw floorplans in 3D and when he gets back to his home office, turn them into AutoCAD Drawings for building permit purposes.  The hours he's saved using OrthoGraph and the Leica Distance Measuring tools have already paid for themselves several times over with more accuracy, layouts he can verify before leaving the site, and easier conversions to AutoCAD Drawings.

Win an OrthoGraph I subscription with a DISTO D2

Take part in the webinar and get a chance to win a Leica Disto D2 with a free annual OrthoGraph Isubscription. The winner will be announced on 25 April on our Facebook and Twitter page, and we will send an email for the winner, as well.

Fire investigation with the most advanced technology

Make accurate floor plans, measure as you go, get instant calculations on damaged surfaces. Add annotations, photos or labels to document everything what you need-on site! All in one app.

Fire investigation is a complex activity: the determination of all important details is a long and complicated process. As fires can be caused by many sources, a lot of aspects should be taken into consideration, like building construction, electricity, mechanical devices etc. Fire investigators have to collect all circumstantial evidence of the fire, find and document all valuable information.

This complex process can be very long and exhausting - we know it, that's why we developed our building survey software, OrthoGraph I, which makes many important steps available in one app!

Take part on our webinar on 25 January 2017, 3:30 pm CET, where you can learn more about OrthoGraph I, the professional building survey app. See how the application works, learn more about all functions which can make a fire investigation more accurate and easy.

Our professional guest: Dr. Peter Mansi, Forensic Fire Investigator FI-UK

Our professional guest is Dr. Peter Mansi, Forensic Fire Investigator FI-UK, who will demonstrate how OrthoGraph I can be used during fire investigation, which are the most beneficial functions during his work and how does the app make his work easier (http://www.fireinvestigationsuk.com/).

Take part in the webinar and get a chance to win an annual OrthoGraph I subscription and a Leica Disto D2. The winner will be announced on 1 February on our Facebook and Twitter page, and we will send an email for the winner, as well.

From Building Survey to 3D Renders – using OrthoGraph I with ARCHline.XP

Are you looking for a solution, which makes a building survey available in minutes? Do you want to know how the OrthoGraph I files can be used in a CAD environment? Are you an interior designer or architect who looks for ways to amaze clients?

Take part in OrthoGraph’s webinar on 22 November 2016, at 3:30pm CET, where you can learn more about OrthoGraph I, the professional building survey app. See how the application works; learn more about the basic functions, about the BIM compatibility, and many other unique functions.

Write us on info@orthograph.net until 16 November 2016, and we will give you all information you need to take part in the webinar.

Our professional guest: Cadline Ltd.

This time we teamed up with Cadline Ltd. and we’ll be featuring a case study on an interior decoration project. We’ll demonstrate how a measured survey on a property – conducted by OrthoGraph I – can be imported into Cadline Ltd.’s ARCHLine.XP software and how the imported data can be processed, modified, and turned into stunning 3D renders. ARCHLine.XP is “3 in 1” CAD/BIM design software which incorporates the workflow of architecture, interior design and modelling furniture. The aim of our collaboration is to make everything – from site survey to 3D renders – in a digital environment to eliminate user errors and missing data.

Take part in the webinar and get a chance to win a Leica Disto D2 - the newest Leica LDM - and an OrthoGraph I-ARCHLine XP. package with a free annual subscription. The winner will be announced on 5 December on our Facebook and Twitter page, and we will send an email for the winner, as well.

Watch the webinar's video!

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