OrthoGraph I
version 1.6
remote distance measurement and knowledge base

OrthoGraph I's new version has arrived - New, never before seen functions

We are happy to announce that our building survey app’s new version has arrived – and we are happy to report our new and professional functions, which will make your work much easier.

Remote distance measurement – control your laser from your mobile device

When pushing a physical button on your laser distance meter you sometimes risk moving the projected laser dot. Holding the laser steady and pushing its buttons at the same time is practically very difficult. This is a huge issue when measuring diagonals, and might result in inaccurate data.

From now on you will be able to control your laser remotely from your tablet to do the measurement – just keep an eye on where the laser dot is, and when you’re ready, push the dedicated button in OrthoGraph I to do a measurement. As you are not touching the laser, your measurement won’t be compromised.

OrthoGraph Knowledge Base – get answers for all your OrthoGraph questions

A full OrthoGraph I knowledge base is now available within the app. Tap on the question mark button and get all the info you need. Browse our guides and tutorials, get info about OrthoGraph I compatibilities, app functions, or ask a new question. You’ll surely get an answer for all your questions.

The old bug report function can now be accessed from the mail icon in the top right of the knowledge base screen. The knowledge base requires internet access to function

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