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No initial order, no need to learn, demo or promote  - just offer OrthoGraph on your website, in brochures or catalog. In return to your cooperation OrthoGraph provides a commission from the generated sales.

The purpose of OrthoGraph Affiliate Partner Program is to involve and reward those merchant companies who would be interested to offer OrthoGraph products to their clients – maybe together with their hardware device – but don’t want to be involved in details into the sales process. By affiliate partners there is no initial order, there is no need to learn, demo or promote the OrthoGraph products, but the only task they should do is to offer OrthoGraph to their clients. This they can do on their website, their brochures or in their catalogs. In return to their cooperation OrthoGraph provides a commission from the generated sales.

Technical requirements

Every OrthoGraph Affiliate partner gets their own, dedicated landing page on the main OrthoGraph website. They need to offer that landing page to their clients.

Once their client visits the dedicated landing page, then the client’s web browser will store their partner identifier “as cookies”. Anytime later the user registers on OrthoGraph Cloud or makes a purchase through OrthoGraph Cloud Services, then the partner identifier will be restored from the client’s web browser, and will be used to assign the purchase to the particular merchant.

Affiliate payment

Anytime the client makes a purchase, then it will be registered to the Affiliate partner’s account. This also applies to later payments done by the particular client. At every month’s end OrthoGraph sums up the monthly revenue generated by the Affiliate Partner and – if there was revenue generated – sends the summary to the partner listing also the earnings of the partner. The partner is entitled to send the related invoice that will be fulfilled by OrthoGraph to the Affiliate Partner’s bank account.


The merchants can anytime check their affiliate revenue – even during the month – by visiting their partner account at the http://partnersite.ortho-graph.com/ website under their account. To access this partner site partners need to use their username and password provided by OrthoGraph.


To participate the OrthoGraph Affiliate Partner program partners need to sign an Affiliate Partner Contract with OrthoGraph. By signing the contract they will get their dedicated username and password to access the OrthoGraph Partner Site and they can request their dedicated OrthoGraph partner access link also providing the content they would like to have.

The payments related to the Affiliate Partner Program will be provided as long as there is a valid contract between OrthoGraph and the Affiliate partner.

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