Archive versions
of OrthoGraph

OrthoGraph's archive versions run only on iPad and can be a good working tool for all professionals, who want to conduct a building survey in a fast and accurate way.

As we launched the multiplatform version of the app, OrthoGraph I, these versions won't be developed further, but they are available in the AppStore for a while.

If you want to enjoy all benefits of the multiplatform version of the app, the renewed measurement technology and the redeveloped features, choose OrtoGraph I.

Do you have an archive version of OrthoGraph but you want to upgrade to OrthoGraph I?
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Do you need some support to use the archive versions of OrthoGraph?

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Archive versions of OrthoGraph


The mobile application of OrthoGraph Survey System for highly precise and professional surveying jobs. Measure high number of locations or varying wall thicknesses
To enjoy the benefits of OrthoGraph's Cloud functionality, too, choose the Cloud version
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Cloud from
$44.99 /month

 Full scale of mobile survey functionality paired up with the benefit of cloud services in one app. It can provide professional building survey functionality on-site and cloud functionality.Manage real teamwork, store and backup unlimited projects, share files between members
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Tape Measure

Easy-to-use App for supporting on site floor plan survey and reporting of small flats, homes. est choice for craftsmen who want to measure and get calculations on site. This app was created for surveying normal houses, flats up to 10 rooms/project with fixed wall thickness.
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