Rapid Survey Concept

With OrthoGraph you will be able to survey faster than ever. You can be up to 30% more effective by using OrthoGraph than with the traditional surveying equipment.

How is it possible?

OrthoGraph was developed from the beginning keeping in mind the support of the effective professional work. The fast and intuitive user interface helps you work in a convenient and even more effective way.

First, thanks to the Sketch &Tap functionality, you can draw like you would do it with a pen on a paper. Just sketch the outlines of the room and you have created a 3D model with walls. You can also draw the connected rooms and attach them to the others with a simple tap gesture.

Measure with one of the supported laser distance meters, all the measured data will be instantly transmitted to OrthoGraph via Bluetooth connection.

The software tries to keep the angles unchanged until it is possible. At a simple rectangular room two measurements could be enough.

OrthoGraph creates instant on site reports about several quantities such as the area, volume, Area of the walls with/ without openings etc.

We have empowered OrthoGraph with features helping to eliminate site revisits or errors. The instant feedback on site is really important and can filter out mistyped distances or wrong drawings by showing the influence of any modification on the floor plan immediately.

OrthoGraph can also display survey status. Corners helping to visualize how well is the location surveyed, so there can’t be forgotten measurements.

And one of the most important things is that you do not have to create the full floor plan again in your CAD software, you can simply import your model into several CAD and BIM software.

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