for Constructions


OrthoGraph can be used in different parts of the construction work:


The app can be a major tool for every architect. We know that architects would like to focus on the creative work, so with OrthoGraph the building surveying can be much faster and more precise than ever. With OrthoGraph it could never happen that you have to go back on site because a missing measurement: The app signs the unmeasured corners and shows every measurement inaccuracy.

Interior designers

OrthoGraph helps interior designers and interior decorators create a floor plan about the room or building.
You can even furnish the floor plan with more than 100 3D furniture and object in OrthoGraph. The spectacular 3D Mode allows you instantly visualize your furnished room.
OrthoGraph’s file formats make it possible to import the floor plans into different CAD and interior design software.



OrthoGraph offers instant reports on site with a click. After creating the floor plan you can immediately access every important quantities such as area, area of the walls without opening, area of the openings etc…


Our app can be a big help creating floor plans that help plan and place built-in –furniture. With diagonal measurements you will get the exact angles if it's needed which can reduce site work time and improve customer satisfaction.



The built-in report function can help calculate wall and floor area. Calculate the building material cost easily with OrthoGraph. With diagonal measurements you will get the exact angles if it's needed which can reduce site work time and improve customer satisfaction.

Heating and Air conditioning mechanics

OrthoGraph contains HVAC signs that can support surveying of an existing or the planning of a possible heating/ air conditioning or ventilation system.


Real estate agents

OrthoGraph’s very useful function for real estate professionals is the customizable PDF room book that can be emailed to the client or just printed. The room book contains all the important information and the small floor plan regarding each room.

Last but not least, OrthoGraph is an outstanding presentation tool as well, its 3D view function allows you to walk around in the 3D realistic model of the floor plan and let’s you show the apartment to your clients from your office and you don’t need anything else just an iPad.


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