The possibility of concluding comprehensive contracts

The possibility of concluding comprehensive contracts

Expected profit: 10-20% reduction in costs with the conclusion of comprehensive contracts with better conditions
Expected cost: 0% if scanned building documentation was made in the course of construction or remodeling work, otherwise 0.1% of the investment cost
Products used: OrthoGraph, one external CAFM software

As the OrthoGraph survey data provides a precise picture of the property portfolio, these data can be handled in a unified way in separate CAFM systems, used for drawing up reports, and so it becomes possible to conclude comprehensive operation contracts. This means that mainly in the case of a portfolio containing large buildings or a large number of buildings, instead of having many hundreds of subcontractor contracts, comprehensive, more economical subcontract contracts can be concluded. The scheduling and monitoring of these can be performed easily in CAFM/CMMS systems, and so at the moment the contract is concluded the amounts of work and the expectations (e.g. SLA) contained in these operation contracts are clear.

Subsequently the actual work performed, its quality and performance according to the contract can be followed by CAFM systems and so settling accounts with subcontractors can be carried out within a precise framework.

The precise building documentation is the basis of the building operation, the maintenance specialists themselves can carry out most of the updating required (e.g. equipment replacement, moves and minor remodeling work monitoring), or in the case of more extensive remodeling work this can be carried out by an external surveying company. Whoever keeps the BIM models up to date, it can be performed in a much simpler way than any other solution available today.

An up-to-date BIM model is a tool that creates value constantly. Not just because of its controlled operation, but due to the many ways of reutilizing the data, which are detailed above. This value is at the same time a long-term guarantee for the efficient operation of the building; therefor its ownership has to be taken care of. With its help knowledge of the operated property portfolio is not required from the maintenance personnel, so the owner of the BIM model is able to operate the property portfolio in the most effective manner.