Several percent increase in value of property sales and valuations

Expected profit: 2% increase of sale value
Expected cost: 0%, if the model surveyed during the development is used, otherwise 0.025% of the investment cost (an even smaller part of the sale value), as long as a dedicated survey is carried out before occupation
Products used: Leica BLK360, OrthoGraph Enterprise

In the course of the sale of a property, the handover of the property also involves its detailed documentation. This represents value and a guarantee for the buyer, because the condition at handover is recorded. Today, if any implementation building documentation is available at all, it is usually non-reusable and typically deviates by as much as 5-10% from the actually realised situation. In the case of the use of the OrthoGraph system the emphasis is on surveying speed, the quality of the models produced, and on the ease of use of the results, in which OrthoGraph offers an unparalleled service currently unique on the market.