Reports and analyses in all dimensions

Reports and analyses in all dimensions

Expected profit: KPI that are constantly available and based on real data, comparison and other detailed analyses
Expected cost: 0%, if the CAFM systems and the OrthoGraph systems are used appropriately
Products used: OrthoGraph, one external CAFM software

With the constant daily use of the external CAFM and OrthoGraph systems not only does the access and handling of the data become simple, but as a “side product” the BIM models forming the basis of the entire system are constantly available with fresh, up-to-date data. This huge database becomes really valuable if it is used to constantly monitor the efficiency of property operation. With the appropriate analyses the processes can be evaluated in good time, often in advance, KPIs can be queried from the CAFM system’s analysis module, which through a few indexes or using a dashboard are able to provide an immediate picture of the efficiency of the operation.

Comparative analyses make it possible to compare the use data of a given building in terms of both time and space, or compare the same data from similar buildings. These comparisons can immediately point out where the area in focus can be made better, more efficient and economical.

These same data can be used as the basis of property utilization decisions. Using them it soon becomes apartment which buildings are worthwhile leasing out, selling or reconstructing in order to achieve better economic indicators.

Another advantage of the reports, and of the functionality of the external CAFM system dashboard, is the help provided in daily level operation. The system can immediately provide a list of those contracts that are, for example, close to expiring, and of those tenants that are worse payers than the others. This information results in better negotiation positions, and better property utilization in many cases.

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