Property survey at occupation

Property survey at occupation

Expected profit: 100-300% of the investment cost in the cases of those items detailed below
Expected cost: 0.1% of the investment cost if the model surveyed in the course of the development is not available
Products used: OrthoGraph Enterprise

Surveying an existing building can bring about significant savings when the building was not surveyed during construction, i.e. precise floor plan information is not available. These models can provide precise data for the leasing, utilization and maintenance management of buildings, in addition the information is not only stored on paper in a warehouse, but is available immediately in the office during operations, and even on site. Access to data takes place directly at element level, in other words you don’t have to search for anything, the maintenance instructions, videos, and even guarantee documentation can be linked to the surveyed and managed elements.

The total savings that can be achieved by using an up-to-date property model may exceed the total investment cost of a building, with 100-300% savings being achieved over the course of the typically at least 30-year lifecycle of building.

It is important to note that these savings do not only originate from the mere availability of the data, by using them lease, operation, cleaning and other property subcontractor contracts can be concluded with better conditions, and a smaller maintenance team will be able to provide a better quality service than without the data.

Extra services can also be offered to tenants using the graphic models, which result in an increase in income in addition to a higher level of service and greater customer satisfaction. Such may include, for example, in the place of/in addition to a basic-level telephone fault reporting service, a graphic 3D model can be used to report problems. With this the tenants and the staff do not only find it easier to report faults, the status of the reported fault can be traced directly, while the maintenance personnel are notified immediately, even including automated scheduling.

The precise possibilities and advantages are detailed below:

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