Planned maintenance instead of faults

Planned maintenance instead of faults

Expected profit: 5-10% with the combination and efficient scheduling of tasks, greater customer satisfaction, and minimized down times
Expected cost: 0% if an up-to-date building model is available in connection with the operation of the property
Products used: OrthoGraph, CMMS

Many CADM systems have professional breakdown maintenance modules. This means that the handling of fault tickets is entirely process management based, and takes place so that it is integrated into the planned maintenance workflow.

Through planned maintenance the operation of buildings and equipment can be planned and monitored, so by performing inspections faults and unexpected outages can be avoided.

As all maintenance activities and processes appear at a uniform place, in many cases these can be combined and efficiently scheduled, i.e. tasks related to a fault and then to planned maintenance following one another can be avoided, instead all necessary work can be carried out at the same time.

In the course of the issue of maintenance work the approval steps and roles, persons responsible and the designation of the maintenance personnel performing the work can be adjusted to correspond with the company’s operation regulations.

Work can be issued to the maintenance staff using printed worksheets, but this can also be carried out entirely digitally using mobile devices.

Because all maintenance work is recorded via a process and system, the settling of accounts with subcontractors takes place in a uniform, precise manner. This is reinforced by the system of the Leica BLK360, which makes it possible to settle accounts on the basis of real data.