OrthoGraph Enterprise for Mobile

This is the key element of the OrthoGraph Enterprise product group. It enables full assessment of existing real estate stocks, daily monitoring of real estate, and BIM model access to daily real estate activities. With the help of the real estate operation, the buildings can be viewed in both 2D and 3D views, all elements of the BIM model can be accessed, edited and changed. Not only the graphical information, but also the properties recorded on objects, drawing elements, and if there is an external system connected to the OrthoGraph BIM model (eg. facility management software, maintenance management system or building automation or meeting room booking system), these are also available via direct data connection.

Integrated operation includes not only the initial data transfer, but each floor plan element can directly connect to the same records of the external software system. This can be done using unique identifiers, but also with an existing barcode-based device record.

The OrthoGraph Enterprise module provides access to the OrthoGraph mobile component and the OrthoGraph Cloud service with full authority to the user. This means that the 2D / 3D BIM model is available not only on a mobile device, but also in a web browser, including the fixed, surveyed properties of each element and the data link functionality.

This license is recommended for the following jobs:

  • building surveyors
  • maintenance colleagues
  • construction executives, labor inspectors
  • facility managers, if on-site data access is required
  • all users who may require on-site data access

OrthoGraph Cloud service requires an annual client-level hosting service for the OrthoGraph Cloud Server.