Settling accounts with subcontractors on the basis of precise data

Expected profit: 5-10% reduction in development cost
Expected cost: 0.1% of investment cost
Products used: Leica BLK360, OrthoGraph Enterprise

If use of the OrthoGraph and Leica BLK360 systems is started at the development stage, significant savings can be achieved already at that time in the knowledge of the precise, measured values. This is because, on the one hand, by using the surveyed models settling accounts with subcontractors can take place on the basis of precise data, and, on the other hand, the building models created can be used later on directly in the facility management system as source data.
Using the periodical laser measurements performed and repeated with the Leica BLK360 the various construction phases can be easily identified and the entire building documentation is available in a layered structure. Additionally this data may serve as documentary evidence when settling accounts with subcontractors.