Leica BLK360 app

About the Leica BLK360 app

The most detailed form of building documentation is the addition of laser point clouds, panoramic images of high dynamics and panoramic images with thermal imaging to the 3D building model of OrthoGraph. These images and point clouds, in addition to being accurately aligned with each other in each survey position, can contain a number of additional data, as well as the ability to conduct additional surveys at any time, even when the building has been rebuilt, plastered or already demolished.

With the Leica BLK360 app, laser-equipped, point-to-point clouds can be accessed on site using an iPad Pro. The application not only allows data display, but can also be used for highlighting tags that can be linked to text notes, additional detail photos, and audio recordings.

These tags can be linked not only to highlighted points, but also to distances or areas that measure and calculate the exact size using accurate point cloud.

The point cloud accuracy is in the range of 3mm-1cm, so it can be used for typical facility operations and documentation purposes.

If a real estate survey is needed or there is a room with complex or difficult to access space, then the OrthoGraph module in the Leica BLK360 app also provides an automated survey of these, and even produces a 3D BIM model. Our task is to measure empty wall surfaces, floors and ceilings with the help of the software, then measure the doors and windows with a quick measurement on their edges.

We can map the finished room drawings to a single building floor plan, which can then be exported in DXF, IFC (3D) format, or imported into the OrthoGraph Enterprise module. In the latter case, these surveyed floor plans can not only be used alone, for example. It can be used as part of existing other survey work to accelerate the OrthoGraph survey projects.

The Leica BLK360 scans can also be saved in the E57 point cloud format, which, in addition to being an industry standard, is still saved as a dot cloud by the application, meaning that the environment in the CAD applications can be easily used as measured.

Backing up and restoring projects is also possible, allowing you to view, measure, and manage additional iPads – the Leica BLK360 subscription is required for all devices involved.