Leasing Phase

OrthoGraph in Leasing Phase
Communication, Marketing tool

Expected profit: significantly swifter negotiations and decision-making by the lessee, less time vacant
Expected cost: 0%, if the model surveyed during the development is used
Products used: OrthoGraph Enterprise

OrthoGraph is not there to replace desktop design programs, instead it is able to provide them with a finished condition as a data source in numerous CAD formats.

When the lease negotiations are taking place in connection with any office, shop or industrial unit, precise onsite building models can be presented at these meetings in order to confirm furnishing concepts and floor plan changes. At this time both the lessor’s agent and the client have the opportunity to jointly interpret not only the floor plan easily, but also the desired furnishings with the help of the 3D model. The building model jointly established and agreed to can be shared immediately with the client in the form of a link that can be viewed later on simply, using a web browser, and the professional interior design plans can be drawn up in parallel with this.

Another important advantage of the use of OrthoGraph is that area data can be produced at any time, even during meetings with clients, including painted area data, door and window area data, in other words good cost estimates and utilization efficiency estimates can be made even during the negotiation phase.

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