Precise calculation and handling of leased areas

Precise calculation and handling of leased areas

Expected profit: the area determined in lease contracts is made available precisely, risk reduction
Expected cost: 0% if the floor plan of a previously surveyed building is available
Products used: OrthoGraph Enterprise, Space Management system

When leasing out property, or afterwards it is necessary to know the precise size of the area leased. The simple availability of this data does not only make concluding the contract faster, if the values are precise, they can be used later on to prevent disputes.

After the entire surveyed room structure has been loaded into the CAFM system’s space management module, it also receives the calculated data, meaning the net, gross, leasable, cleaning areas, painting area and area covered by doors and windows. When carrying out these calculations the OrthoGraph system pays attention to the smallest of details, for example, it subtracts the area covered by columns from the leasable area, or the area covered by built in furniture from the cleaning area, of course, if set in this manner during the survey.

The surveyed and calculated data are updated in the case of each plan amendment. It is this up-to-date information that forms the basis of the area management module of the CAFM system.

For each single room most CAFM systems can record who the tenant is, what contract the tenant has, the lease ratio and time interval. As a result the monitoring of contracts, their planning and account settlement becomes significantly simpler.

By using the reports made by the analysis module of the CAFM system, you can find out about contracts that are soon to expire, so they can be extended in good time.