Building and asset documentation available anywhere at any time

Building and asset documentation available anywhere at any time

Expected profit: an annual reduction in costs of 10-20% with fewer personnel working continuously in property operation, at a high quality level with lower risk than in any other case
Expected cost: 0% if scanned building documentation made during the construction or reconstruction work is available
Products used: OrthoGraph, Leica BLK360, ArchiFM

When maintenance work is being carried out it is at the place where the work is being done that there is the most need for knowledge of the features of the equipment to be maintained and its documentation. Savings can be made if you know if a given device is under guarantee or not, or if you can watch a video on how to take it apart and repair it, or if you can read through the detailed maintenance description whenever you want. In many cases even finding the device that needs maintaining represents a problem.

Finding and identifying devices quickly

When issuing maintenance work, the simplest way of providing the instructions is by using web links to the devices appearing in the BIM models. In this way the given element can be displayed immediately in the floor plan in 2D or 3D view using a simple web browser, and if you touch the given link on a mobile device the OrthoGraph immediately opens the BIM model and all of the related documentation.

The OrthoGraph system helps you find the equipment that needs repairing with barcode or NFC chip technology. On the one hand, the user is able to generally or precisely localise the given device with the 2D or 3D graphic floor plan, then by reading the barcode the OrthoGraph system will confirm whether you have found the right device or not.

Maintenance history and documentation at hand

After you have found the right device, OrthoGraph gives you full BIM model access, so you can even view the attached photographs (if any were taken, such as of a fan-coil before a suspended ceiling is installed), check out the corresponding features, but what is perhaps the most important is that the CAFM/CMMS system can be called up instantaneously for the given element.

The ArchiFM system maintenance module allows you immediate access to guarantee information, installation information, any attached documentation or even the maintenance history for the given device. Using the history it is easy to discover if a frequent fault is being caused by bad dimensioning, for example, and that it would be more economic to replace the element than to repair it again and again.

Planned down-time instead of a fault, with minimal repair times

As a result of the attached videos or sound recordings the maintenance personnel gain fast access to repair information, which is easier to interpret than just following the maintenance instructions to the end. They can precisely see the fitting or greasing points and how to approach them safely. In addition, if a video or sound recording is made when a system is installed or when operating correctly and is attached to the given device, then later on, in the course of a simple inspection they can detect that a fault is approaching on the basis of the sound alone, in other words it can be repaired in the scope of planned maintenance instead of an unexpected shut-down. The planned maintenance and downtimes do not only mean a reduction in the repair costs of the device, but the productive activities can also be protected from unexpected outages, resulting in even greater savings.

Optimised instructions, effective communication

Shorter travelling times and more effective communication between the maintenance personnel and the staff issuing the work also result in a significant saving. The precise tasks can be sent easily to the mobile devices carried by the maintenance staff, and, the other way around, the devices to be maintained on site can be easily referenced for approval. With this the need to travel between the site and headquarters disappears completely, as the documentation is available on site immediately. This does not only make it possible to employ fewer maintenance personnel, but as a consequence of the availability of electronic documentation, staff changes would not affect the quality or efficiency of the operation of the property.

This more effective level of communication does not only mean a lower demand for personnel, but also an increase in the quality of the service.

Job shopping

An incidental result of the solution is that, if required, the job shopping process can also be introduced, in other words maintenance personnel who become freed up can apply to do the task closest to them or that is the most interesting, which means that they are solved not only faster but in more efficiently allocated way, and all this can be completely automated.

Leica BLK360 point cloud in planning and work accounting

The documentation available in the Leica BLK360 system can result in significant savings in finding the engineering element involved, quickly determining dimensions and surfaces, and identifying burst pipes and thermal bridges even on site, the advantages of which are detailed in the previous points.