OrthoGraph has already integration possibilities with Archibus and ArchiFM and can easily be integrated with any kind of existing building operation or enterprise resource planning software system.

The OrthoGraph and ArchiFM systems are capable of achieving significant savings throughout the entire lifecycle of a building, in numerous fields, from construction until eventual demolition. Over the course of the expected 30-50-year lifecycle of a building, in most cases these savings even exceed the total development cost.

Savings of 5-10% can be reached when settling accounts with subcontractors when you know the precise quantities, but this saving can be made several times over in the operation of the property when you have up-to-date data, supplemented with effective planning and communication regarding subcontractors and staff. The scale of this saving can be as much as 10-20% of the ongoing maintenance costs, which can accumulate to a huge saving over the entire lifetime of the building. The situation is the same in the case of rental, property utilization, precise data and documentation are not only necessary so that good decisions are made, their presence can even represent several percent in the property’s value in the case of a sale.

The present document details the savings you can make in various fields with if the properties are operated using real OrthoGraph BIM models and the ArchiFM built on it. Under every subject we detail the causes that have resulted in the savings and discuss real daily problems and how to solve them. In many cases keeping the basis of the entire system, the BIM models up to date in many cases is done as a “side-product”, in other words keeping the live data constantly up to date does not involve any extra work or expense. As a result communication between the maintenance personnel on site and those sitting in the office becomes instantaneous, and significantly simpler than keeping in contact by telephone and, of course, in person.

Significant savings can be expected in the following areas as a result of the use of the OrthoGraph-ArchiFM systems.