Accounting for renovation work on the basis of real data

Accounting for renovation work on the basis of real data

Expected profit: 5-10% reduction of the costs of renovation work from work estimation and settlement
Expected cost: 0% % if the floor plan of a previously surveyed building is available
Products used: OrthoGraph Enterprise, CMMS, Leica BLK360

Planning renovation work demands precise floor plans. There is a real difference between cabinets just about fitting in and just about not fitting in a given space, and it also does make a real difference that quotes and payment for work take place on the basis of the right information. If old building documentation is available, as a result of construction differences and changes made in the meantime, its data can characteristically deviate by as much as 5-10% from the real building dimensions and arrangement.

In many cases, when requesting quotes it is necessary to know the dimensions of the painted surfaces, of the wall surfaces and even of the doors and windows. The OrthoGraph system is able to supply this data immediately.

During remodeling work the electrical and other building engineering systems become accessible. It is worthwhile surveying these during any remodeling work using the Leica BLK360 laser scanner, because then every element will be measurable in the course of any later reconstruction or repair work. By using the system a water connection, for example, can be installed with minimal wall demolition, because in the laser point cloud everything can be measured and located at a precision of greater than 1 cm. Due to this the amount of demolition and repair work can also be significantly reduced.

If only the OrthoGraph component is available, it too can be used to measure the areas and surfaces when work is being handed over, which does not only form the basis of the settlement for the work, also up to date building documentation is also drawn up as a result, and so operation can continue on the basis of precise data.

By using the maintenance module all reconstruction work can be planned and scheduled, and the entire work process can be handled by using the worksheets based on measured data supplied by the OrthoGraph BIM model.