Use Case
Real estate projects

The one-stop solution to create professional looking 3D models and real estate documentation.

Simplicity of use

Draw like you would with pencil and paper using your smartphone or tablet. Use a Bluetooth laser distance meter to work fast and accurate and get your ready-to-use model within minutes in profession CAD formats (DXF, IFC, PDF, Excel).

OrthoGraph is digitalizing the traditional ways of building survey. The workflow is this simple:

  1. – Enter the room
  2. – Draw what you see – no need to be accurate, just follow the shape
  3.  Measure wall length – OrthoGraph keeps angles unchanged so you decide in what detail you go
  4. – Measure diagonals if needed – in rooms containing non perpendicular angles, curved walls or for purposes where every tiny difference counts
  5. – Place down doors and windows
  6. – Measure them the same way as you did with corners
  7. – Need furniture? Use the built-in 150+ element BIM object library
  8. – Go into the next room
  9. – Draw new walls appending to the existing rooms (this is called Sketch&Tap) and start from step 3

Stay in control right on-site

Don’t forget any measurement that would be required to have an accurate floor plan, or work really fast only measuring what is minimally required. The floor plan will always instantly reflect your measurements, so you can be certain what the result is going to be. Forget about invalid data or the need to get back to the site again.

Instant results

Anything you create is ready to use instantly. Export CAD formats, PDF or Excel directly from the OrthoGraph app. Send it from your smartphone or tablet to your customer or colleague. Get calculated area, perimeter, wall, door and window surfaces in the palm of your hand on the spot.

If you upload the project to OrthoGraph Cloud, then your colleagues or customers can access it instantly using the Real Estate Datasheet functionality and the 3D web viewer that is part of it – including all attached parameters and photos.

Staying on the safe side

OrthoGraph works offline without any need of internet connection. If you decide to store your projects in OrthoGraph Cloud and regularly update it, then you can get any previously uploaded versions of the same project on any of your devices running OrthoGraph. OrthoGraph runs on up to two of your devices with the same account.


Do you have a large project that you want to finish rapidly? Let’s work together! OrthoGraph’s teamwork capability lets you and your colleagues to share a project and measure the same building parallel, to finish earlier. OrthoGraph merges your work together anytime you upload it to OrthoGraph Cloud, everything is done automatically.

Measure everything

OrthoGraph creates a BIM model, which means everything you draw and measure can also hold additional alphanumeric information. You can also attach photos to any element of the graphical model if you need, that is also accessible in OrthoGraph Cloud’s 3D web viewer. Communication with your colleagues has never been easier on the field.

Create your portfolio automatically

Every project you upload to OrthoGraph Cloud is accessible as real estate data sheets automatically. You don’t need to do anything to get nice, well formatted online documentations of your measure projects listing out all set properties, attached photos, calculated values and even containing OrthoGraph Cloud’s 3D web viewer. Your customers or colleagues don’t need to install anything but to use their web browser to be able to see the measured and built up 3D models that you have create using OrthoGraph.

The continuously expanding 150+ element 3D BIM object library lets you create professional looking models even if they don’t look that nice while surveying.