Use Case
Commercial Surveying

The office building and environment survey is a very sensitive activity – the exact measurement is essential. Even a few centimeter difference can cause huge difficulties and significant cost loss if we see a multi-story office building. This difference can cause a deficit in the rental costs, in the using of workspace, maintenance and cleaning costs or energy calculation and also in many other fields.

A professional building survey gives you very exact report about the condition of the building, about the defects and unused workspaces. It includes the whole construction, design and operation.

All these tasks require the most professional building survey tool – OrthoGraph Survey System includes all features what you need during your work.

Office Building Survey

OrthoGraph Survey System – running on iPad – revolutionized the speed and quality of work. The tool supports all features that are required during an office building survey.

You can measure anything and make the process easier with compatible Leica and Bosch laser distance meters – your floor plan will update instantly with the measured data on-site.

Office building survey is a very complex task – the professionals have to focus on the smallest details, too. If you work on a complicated project then OrthoGraph can take care to have all the minimum required measurements so you can optimize your workflow and manage teamwork or share files with OrthoGraph Cloud.

The OrthoGraph building survey tool handles BIM properties like complex hierarchical location structure, doors and windows with opening directions and unlimited number of properties, 46+ intelligent placeholder objects, walls with colors.

All these complex BIM data can be exported to IFC and DXF files, which can then be used in several CAD and BIM software like Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or Vectorworks.

By providing many other excellent features – sketch&tap, PDF room book, excel output, 3D walkthrough etc. – OrthoGraph is a market leader building survey app on the iPad platform.