Use Case
Building Information Modeling

BIM models simply created, measured and accessed anytime in the palm of your hand

More and more professions, sometimes also regulations require accurate BIM models for their work. By using OrthoGraph creating BIM models became easy and fast. This means besides drawing and measuring the floor plan – and setting the height information to everything – attached properties and photos can also be stored as part of the model. This provides lots of possibilities and plenty of information to base on in any use cases.

Following changes, renovations
It is a typical problem that even if there is an as-built model for a building created once, to maintaining it, following all changes, renovations in it costs much time and labor. As a result after a period of time the BIM model becomes outdated, invalid and inaccurate.

By using OrthoGraph not just a valid and accurate BIM building model can be created once – containing additional e.g. CAFM related information –, but also maintaining that model right on-site is easy and fast.

Reusing the measured data, API
OrthoGraph as a platform contains its web server functionality, OrthoGraph Cloud that stores all uploaded projects including their history. This web server is accessible for external systems through its API which means every measured data, calculated property, surfaces, perimeters and inventories are accessible almost real-time for further data processing. In some situations data modifications are also made possible by the external system allowing OrthoGraph to display them on-site for all colleagues.

If you work on large project that you want to finish rapidly? Let’s work together! OrthoGraph’s teamwork capability lets you and your colleagues to share a project and measure the same building parallel, to finish earlier. OrthoGraph merges your work together anytime you upload it to OrthoGraph Cloud, everything is done automatically.