OrthoGraph Enterprise

100% BIM model
Monitor every change in your building with BIM models on-site & in your office.

Real-life building data
Survey once, and keep it up-to-date easily

Use the most accurate technology.
Only 2% imprecision can equal the total construction cost of the particular buildings during their lifetime (30-50 years).

Seamlessly integrated

The easily maintained BIM model becomes the key part of your everyday workflow.

Earn more with your properties

Standardize the way your properties are measured and evaluated with evaluation forms. OrthoGraph Cloud will store all surveyed data in one, centralized and standardized database for easy access.

This information is a perfect base for your analysis and finding out the most effective ways of utilizing your buildings.

See beyond walls

Scan, measure and record all details of your buildings while they’re being built, renovated. Surveyed models, point clouds and other information can be accessed anytime with high accuracy and all kinds of measurements.

Leica BLK360 will let you make measurements up to 3mm accuracy.

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Expand your ERP systems

Take the BIM model to location. Integrate existing ERP solutions (e.g. Facility Management, Maintenance, Asset Inventory, Property Management, Building Management) with OrthoGraph to have a full-fledged graphical viewer and surveyor solution on-site or in the office.

Access the OrthoGraph BIM model in a web browser integrated with your current ERP solution.Help identify every registered equipment, lookup their location in the BIM model or vice-versa.Base your calculations and evaluations on real life data generated fast and accurately.

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Security is a given

OrthoGraph’s Servers are stored in one of Hungary’s largest server farms, and uses strong, SSL encrypted communication between mobile and database servers. Though it should be enough for most requirements, there are instances, when there is need for even more.

Keep everything in your premises. OrthoGraph Cloud can be placed on your server and the mobile app will use it – even if it is only available in your intranet.

Tailored to your business

Specify your surveying needs. OrthoGraph can be customized for information storage and retrieval to your ERP system. All captured data can be accessed from a web browser, every graphical element can be highlighted and their data accessed directly from your existing ERP solution. Include BIM graphical information into your workflow both on-site and in the office.

Besides the minimal required integration information, additional fields and data can be stored in OrthoGraph so that colleagues can take them to the site even if they can’t access internet there.

And worry not: choose troubleshooting options with our SLA plan to keep your systems running smooth at all times.

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